22 Jun
4 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Busy Day

Even though we all know that we should prioritize our health and wellbeing, sometimes it can be difficult to do because of our hectic schedules. Learning how to incorporate mindfulness into your busy schedule is a great way to prioritize your health without adding any more tasks to your day. Here are the top 4 ways to incorporate mindfulness into your busy day.   

  1. Keep the Phone Off When You Wake Up: Whenever you first wake up, it can be tempting to pull out your phone and scroll through social media. Fight this urge and try to keep the phone off the first 15 to 30 minutes you are awake in the morning. Using your morning to connect with yourself is a great way to be mindful and set the stage for a mindful day.  This mindfulness technique is awesome for those with no spare time because it literally takes up zero additional minutes of your day. Just go about your morning as you normally would without getting on your phone. 
  1. Experiment with habit stacking. This is essentially the practice of building a habit on top of an established habit. If you are trying to integrate 5 minutes of meditation in your day, set a goal that you will attempt to meditate after you have your morning coffee or brush your teeth for 66 days. 66 days is the length of time it will take for a new habit to become automatic.
  1. Practice mindfulness every time you have to wait in line or while you are commuting to and from work. Though waiting in line and commuting can be annoying, fight past these annoying feelings by being mindful during that time. This will make the time fly by faster and help you achieve your goals of getting more time in for mindfulness.
  1. Use Breaks for mindfulness: throughout the workday, you take a couple of breaks. If you're like most people, you probably use those breaks to look at your phone or eat. Make the most of these downtimes by practicing mindfulness during them instead. If you work near a park just lie on the grass and listen to your breathing or guided meditations. This will allow you to maximize your time and relieve stress throughout your day.

By practicing mindfulness during your work breaks, you are more likely to feel energized when you get back to work. Better yet, it will improve your abilities and help you better manage your workload with skill and confidence.

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