12 Oct
Benefits of Timeline Therapy

Timeline therapy was developed by Tad James and is an advanced healing technique that uses tools from NLP and Hypnosis to work with the mind at the unconscious level. 

It is based on the principle that all problems essentially only exist in the present moment despite their cause typically being rooted in the past.

It is a powerful and life-changing process even though it only takes a short time to perform. 

If we think of our life visually, it can essentially be represented as a horizontal line annotated with all events from the past, present, and future. It is like a path that represents everything that has happened to us in chronological order. 

We all have our own unique timeline and it influences our behaviour at both consious and subconsious levels. Although the events in the future have not yet unfolded, the meaning we have assigned to past situations has a substantial impact by influencing the course of action we take as our lives progress.

When we explore events using timeline therapy, we can tap into the timeline and let go of the attachments we have created to certain events including emotions like fear, anger, guilt or sorrow. We can also use it to help us shift limiting, unhelpful beliefs that stop us from achieving our highest potential. Additionally, it can be used to create new programs and internal dialogues that propel us forward to a more empowered future. 

Timeline therapy can help almost anyone tap into the positive resources that live inside them like confidence, calmness, excitement, love, and, courage. 

Through this practice, it is possible to work with traumatic events that have resulted in counter productive thought patterns and manifested as negative feelings like overwhelm, stress and anxiety. It does this by determining the root cause of the problem and then creating distance from it. 

If you would like to explore timeline therapy in more detail, you can reach out for a complimentary initiation chat via the booking portal.

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