26 Jun
The Art of Manifestation

It is not unusual for people to roll their eyes when they hear the word ‘manifestation’. Though it’s been written about extensively in books like The Law of Attraction and popularised in the films such as the Secret, outside spiritual and conscious communities, there’s still a degree of scepticism regarding whether it works. 

For some reason, magical stories often get ignored and those sharing them are looked at sideways or considered in search of an illusory quick fix by society. But the thing is, there is merit in exploring the unseen and wisdom in recognising we know very little about the world and the full power of thought from a scientific perspective. 

There are so many stories out there about people having baffling, yet profound experiences that really can’t be explained using conventional wisdom. The truth is, while no one can really explain exactly how and why manifestation works, when it is done right, it is a complete art form with breath taking outcomes. 

In case you haven’t heard of it before, manifestation is essentially the act and practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of bringing them into existence. It has its origins in philosophical and spiritual traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca and Taoism and is based on the idea that you can attract or repel things, depending on where you direct your thoughts and focus your energy.

If you’ve read the Law of Attraction the least bit, you know that your thoughts and emotions acquittance an energetic absolute frequency out to the Universe. Whatever is hovering at this same frequency will be attracted into your real-world life. If you give off low oscillations like anger, fear, or cynicism, you will attract accompanying experiences and events. Alternatively, if you give off high vibrations like joy, love, and passion, you will again draw in corresponding experiences and situations into your world. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to discuss this topic and some key principles of manifestation with expert, Kittea Asdis. Kittea is the creator of two ground-breaking courses Dream Awake and Magic Year Manifesto that hone in on the not so hocus pocus side of manifestation. 

Kittea is a phenomenal example of someone who has embodied her teachings to manifest a truly magical life in which she has successfully built multiple 6 figure businesses creating elixirs, health products and developing a broad suite of wellbeing programs and products. 

Today she lives in a literal castle by the sea, surrounded by nature with the man of her dreams and is expecting her first child. The energy and beauty of her entire spirit beams so brightly - it is difficult to fully describe it until you have the pleasure of sitting in her presence. She has won multiple awards and is well known in conscious communities around the world for her ability to weave ancient and modern technology with the principles of mystic magic and leads others to follow the guidance of their hearts.

Kittea’s most recent wellbeing programs, Dream Awake and Magic Year Manifesto, helps people learn powerful manifestation tricks and harness their dreams as a tool for creation. She asks people how brave they are willing to be to bridge the space between reality and their dreams and teaches her students some key practices to achieve their desired outcomes.

I asked Kittea for some advice to share with people who are curious about practicing manifestation but still hold a degree of scepticism regarding whether it works. Here are some of her top thoughts and recommendations we can all note and put into practice: 


One of my favourite things about Kittea’s advice is that it is always well grounded. Her first recommendation is to recognise that your life will not magically change if you sit in a corner thinking positive thought about what you want to come to fruition. She acknowledges that visualisation and ‘ah- ha’ moments about your deepest desires can be a powerful catalyst for change, however, she also likens them to the starter motor in the engine of your car. Though you certainly need them, they will not work alone if the rest of your car does not run or is not maintained for performance. A key principle of manifestation is recognising ‘ah-ha’ moments need to be backed up by actions you take every day, and an ongoing commitment is needed to see it come to life.  


 The second key principle for manifesting your dreams is understanding your discipline must meet devotion. Kittea’s teachings emphasise that what makes inspired action is the intermingling of discipline and devotion. For clarity, she points out discipline is ultimately structured committed action – it is the force of energy that says, ‘no matter what happens, I am going to DO this thing.’ She also highlights that these must go hand in hand because alone, discipline often doesn't make the cut when you are emotionally detached, or tired, or unmotivated. She highlights devotion is really opening your heart to your desire and the intentional, emotional connection to something or someone. To successfully manifest something, Kittea teaches you must be devoted to something and willing to let that devotion take over you and wrap you in loving grace. Practicing both discipline and devotion will help you bring your dreams to reality.


The third piece of Kittea’s advice is that you can’t expect anyone else to do the work for you. You can have all the best mentors in the world, and all the best affirmations and be in the perfect situation, aligned to the universe. But ultimately, the key thing that will affect change is you showing up, putting in the effort and meeting the universe half-way. The universe will support you and work with you but you really must be taking steps in the right direction towards your dreams so that can happen.


This principle is extremely important and Kittea was quick to point out that it is not as abstract as many people think it seems. The ability to choose and change your perception is a powerful strategic tool to affect change. Kittea teaches ‘the place people get perception wrong is that they just try and turn negative things into positive things and attempt to either bypass what they are really feeling or pretend they are ok. That is not changing perspective. CHOOSING what you perceive is being able to be amidst the chaos of a terrible situation, acknowledging the discomfort or fear you are experiencing and then CHOOSING where you reframe the situation and place your focus.’ For example, she pointed out that if you are in a ‘negative’ situation and you can only focus on the negative you are not in any mindset, emotional state or capacity to make clear decisions and create appropriate solutions. If, by contrast, you accept what is and shift your perspective to “I CAN DO THIS” or “THERE IS A SOLUTION” then you take control of the situation, calm your nervous system, find affective solutions, and manage whatever situation has presented itself to you. To this end, a powerful tool for manifesting is training yourself to choose and change your perception as needed to stay on track to accomplishing your desired outcome.

This principle also emphasises the importance of being prepared to take off the rose-coloured glasses temporarily so you can address situations in a practical and thoughtful manner so you can deal with reality and stay on track to accomplish your goal or end objective.

Kittea also teaches it is important to look at obstacles with grace and grounded energy so you can move past them in a way that allows you to deal with them appropriately without compromising yourself or shifting the goal posts.


The final key principle to support manifestation is to make a practice of accessing your own inner guru. Kittea pointed out this is not as woo-woo or out there as some may think it sounds. It is about taking care of yourself and tapping into yourself so you can operate at optimum levels and ensure you are preserving your own spiritual and physical well-being. 

To manifest, you need to be able to listen to your inner guidance and trust it will allow you to progress towards goals with which you are divinely aligned. Kittea highlighted that ‘your brain produces different brain waves states at different times of the day. And there are certain brain wave states that allow you to move past your ‘thinking’ mind and deeper into your subconscious. You naturally access these states every night when you go to sleep, and if you train yourself to have the ability to be conscious in these states via lucid dreaming then you can solve so many pending issues in your life’. She also promotes the use of meditation, breathwork and tai chi because it helps people trying to manifest their goals to get out of their thinking mind and into states where answers to you more clearly. Additionally, she stresses that these practices facilitate proper rest and recalibration of the nervous system which makes for improved productivity. 

These five principles and techniques can make a world of difference when it comes to attracting what you want. Once they are put into play, it is highly likely you will notice synchronicity and actualisations occurring in your life and you will be able to add more faith and confidence to your expectations which will make them even more effective. Kittea is a living example of just how powerful these practices are. Don’t be afraid to put them to the test – really, what could you possibly have to lose?

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